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Suspension Party  Monday January 21 3c EMS2 7pm-11pm $25 pizza and BEER. (John Murray E78)

John was on unpaid admin leave for almost 3 months and recently just got back on the payroll thanks to the hard work and dedication of our union. We will be holding a suspension party to help John who had to rely on credit cards and friends to make ends meet. We know we won’t be able to get all of his money back but hopefully enough to get him on track.

The Brigade will have a $25 sign in roll call and for those that can’t make it we have a donation box on the bar until the 21st. We will also make sure that any checks that are sent to the Brigade will make it to him.

*for our younger members*

I remember when I first joined the Brigade 13 short years ago a guy came in selling tickets for a suspension party. He went down the bar and sold 5 or 6 tickets and when he got to me I said “No thanks I’m working that day” so then he got to Bob Schmitt , Bob bought two tickets and when the guy left Bob handed me a ticket and said “ Mitch you owe me $25” and then I was counseled on proper firehouse etiquette. With that said my promise to you is we will do the same for you and your family in times of hardship.  If you can’t make the party stop in and throw a sawbuck in the donation box. You have till the 21st.

Thank you in advance for your support. Mitch Ludwig proud Treasure of the Northside Fire Brigade.

NSFB 6240 W Addison, Chicago, IL 60634