Our Hall is perfect for a family get together, or just a gathering of friends. To rent the hall you must be a member in good standing. This means that, the member renting the Hall, is paid in full in both his membership dues, as well as the building fund. It is a $250 fee to rent the hall and an additional $250 security deposit which will be returned if there is no damage and the hall is returned cleaned.

Rules for Hall Rental of The North Side Fire Brigade  

1. Please have respect for The North Side Fire Brigade, The building as well as its contents.

2. The North Side Fire Brigade's Hall may only be rented to, a member in good standing, who has paid both their yearly dues ($30.00) and their building maintenance fund ($150.00).

3. Any new member of The North Side Fire Brigade may not rent the hall, for a period of at least six months from signing up with the club.  That member must have also volunteered at at least one N.S.F.B Event during that six month period.
(Sunday Football, Picnic, Bartend Parade etc...)

4. The member responsible for hall rental, must be present at all times, while their event is in progress, or they may have a designated N.S.F.B. member who is also in good standing with The North Side Fire Brigade assume their responsibility of the party. Secondary Member must be acknowledged by the N.S.F.B. Prior to the rental.

5. The cost of renting the hall, at The North Side Fire Brigade will be $250.00 with a $250.00 clean up, security deposit. All monies ($500.00) will be paid in full to prior to reservation of the hall in rental book. Security deposit ($250.00) will be returned to hall renter, after the N.S.F.B. hall is left in proper condition.

6. When renting The North Side Fire Brigade’s hall, It is the responsibility of the member renting to make sure all state rules are upheld with regard to alcohol (age, consumption etc...)

7. The entrance key to the North Side Fire Brigade may be picked up, no more than three days prior to your rental date. The Key must also be returned to the N.S.F.B. within one week of hall rental date. ($25.00 @ day after first week)

8. Members who rent The North Side Fire Brigade's hall must furnish their own food and drink.

9. Thermostat may be adjusted, for your comfort. It has been set to an automatic program, and will return to desired settings  

10. The use of CONFETTI OR RICE is not allowed, This is impossible to clean from the floors.

11. Please, when leaving the N.S.F.B., do not Cause any disharmony with any of our neighbors. They do look out for us.

Clean-up Responsibility  

1. All Garbage must be taken out stored in the city cans located in rear of building at alley.
2. Floors must be swept and if necessary damp mopped.
3. Tables are to be wiped down.
4. Tables and chairs returned to original or previously discussed placement.
5. All lights, Televisions, gaming equipment and stereos are to be turned off upon exiting building.
6. Stove must be turned off, stove vent also turned off.
7. All Doors must be locked. Front, rear and kitchen doors.

Remember this is your club, treat it with respect.

By signing this contract, the member agrees to abide by all of these rules, and is monetarily responsible for any damage to the North Side Fire Brigade the building and / or its contents.

Please leave the N.S.F.B. in the condition you found it, or even better, for that matter.
                                                                                            Thank you.