Northside Fire Brigade Group Photo

THE NORTH SIDE FIRE BRIGADE is a Social Club, made up of "UNION FIREFIGHTERS AND PARAMEDIC" FAMILIES as well as their associates. For the past 31 years, THE NORTH SIDE FIRE BRIGADE has engaged in a countless number of positive events. Events that was both recreational as well as beneficial to other good will charities. For instance, THE NORTH SIDE FIRE BRIGADE support and continue to donate to the Widow and orphan fund, The Gold Badge Foundation, The Knights of Columbus, The Fallen Fire Fighters Association, and the Salvation Army, along with a numerous amount of other charities. We pride ourselves as being a on the foundation of integrity and honor, as this was the cornerstone in which THE NORTH SIDE FIRE BRIGADE was created. The "Brotherhood Society"/ Our Social events have been absolutely fabulous. The parties we have thrown for so many years have been enjoyed by thousands. Our Annual Picnic is beyond Spectacular, our focus is family and friends. There is a great bond among the members of THE NORTH SIDE FIRE BRIGADE, We welcome you to come out and visit our club, There's an idea, you can find out first hand of just who we are, and what we are all about. Then, from there you can then, draw your own conclusions, When you join THE NORTH SIDE FIRE BRIGADE, you will find that is more than just a club. You will find that we are a little more like Family!

When The North Side Fire Brigade first came in to existence after The Chicago Fire Department Local #2 Strike of 1980, The first motion that was brought up for discussion, was that any member who worked as a Firefighter for the City of Chicago during the strike of 1980 would not be allowed to join The North Side Fire Brigade or be a welcome member of the North Side Fire Brigade. Unfortunately over the years this has caused great disharmony both on and off of The Chicago Fire Department for the past Thirty years. The decisions you made today will always affect your future.